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The Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association exists to promote the general business welfare of the businesses of all members of this Association and generally of all businesses bordering SE Hawthorne Boulevard from SE 12th Avenue to SE 60th Avenue and to promote, develop, and preserve Hawthorne Boulevard through community involvement, as a desirable place to work, shop, and live.

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Email for general questions and correspondence.

Email: think@thinkhawthorne.com
Call us at 503-775-7633.

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The Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association welcomes new members. To become a member, download HBBA Membership Invoice 2015.doc, complete, and mail to: HBBA, P.O. Box 15271, Portland, OR 97293-1271 or use your credit card for a number of options:

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HBBA appreciates publication of the monthly articles submitted to the Southeast Examiner.
Click here to access current and archived issues.

HBBA By-Laws


The Hawthorne Boulevard Business Association is an Oregon Mutual Benefit non-profit corporation with IRS 501(c)(6) tax-exempt status under EIN 93-0886868.

Board Meeting Minutes

2014-08-13 HBBA Minutes.pdf
May 5, 2013 Minutes.pdf
June 10, 2009 Minutes.doc
May 9, 2009 Minutes.doc
April 9, 2009 minutes.doc
March 11, 2009 Minutes.pdf
November 14, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
September 12, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
July 11, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
June 13, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
May 9, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
March 14, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
February 14, 2007.pdf
January 10, 2007 HBBA Minutes.pdf
December 13, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
November 11, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
October 11, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
September 16, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
August 16, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
July 19, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
June 14, 2006 HBBA Min.pdf
May 10, 2006 HBBA min.pdf
April 12, 2006 HBBA min.pdf
March 8, 2006 HBBA min.pdf
February 8, 2006 HBBA min.pdf
January 11, 2006 HBBA min.pdf


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